Will there be any mermaids?

Juneteenth Party

Lets meet at; Sail Newport

72 Fort Adams Dr. Newport, RI

We can meet any time on Monday - just text me when you get there and I can pick you up.

I will take care of lunch, just bring whatever your beverage of choice is and any snacks you want.

The water is very clean there so if you want to swim bring the trunks.

I am heading back to EG at the end of the day and can drive everyone back to Newport for the cars, no problem.

Theres a park and ride right befor the Jamestown bridge you could use to cut down on the bridge tolls.

When you drive into Fort Adams look for a big 3 story building on the right, opposite that on the left is like this dead end road, try and park there. If thats full just keep going and you will run into a big lot.

I can pick you guys up at the dock at the end of the building, you will see 2 large cranes, just head toward those.

Heres a map below;